8 Truths about Musical Theatre

I've come across common misconceptions about my work. Here, I want to discuss my views

on them, hoping that no one would get mad.

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People have the idea that because I'm an actress, I'm rich.

REALITY: Money (sometimes)

I'm not that kind of actress. If I'm working nonstop then maybe my bank account would be full all the time. But being an actress means that there would be weeks, months or even years of unemployment.

All depends on which project you're working on as well. And don't forget the location! Broadway over West End? Maybe.

2. EXPECTATION: Hair, make up, etc.

Where I grew up (Philippines), they think of actors as "celebrities". If you look at it that way, that sounds very glamorous.

REALITY: Do it yourself (most of the time)

We do our own make up. If your hair is easy to do and you don't require a wig, then you do it yourself. Haha! We're so independent.

As part of the ensemble I did my own hair at the beginning but whenever I was Kim, they had to do everything for me except form make up. I'm just not allowed to mess up Kim's look!

3. EXPECTATION: Actors don't get nervous anymore

I mean we've done the show a couple of times already, why be nervous?

REALITY: Of course we still do! (I mean I do)

You can't imagine how much anxiety and stress we go through every single show. We never know what's going to happen. Someone might get ill, or an accident can happen on stage. Every single thing you can think of probably happened already.

4. EXPECTATION: Covers won't get a chance to have a show

Actually, my real thought as soon as I received the confirmation email saying I will be a Cover Kim was that, “great! I will be an understudy so I’ll focus on that! but I asked my friend and she thought otherwise.

REALITY: You would have lots of opportunity.

As I said, anything can happen. Believe me, there’s a huge chance a cover will have a show.

5. EXPECTATION: You have to have a degree in Musical Theatre or Acting


I’ve had lots of cast mates who didn’t study music at all. If you are what they need, they will get you.

6. EXPECTATION: Once you know the show, it’s easy.

REALITY: No! it’s never easy.

I will say it again, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. We always have to deal with stress and pressure of doing our 100%, on every show! Even if we love our work, we get tired too.

7. EXPECTATION: The best actors trained in theatre

REALITY: Am I really allowed to say "YES!"?

I believe so. Because just look at the training we go through. You cannot simply do another take . We learn how to react quickly. (oh wait, I don’t know about me)

Don't know, just my opinion.

8. EXPECTATION: Covers are not as good

REALITY: Yes and No

I would say no that’s not entirely true. They can be as good as them but covers don’t get a chance to do it all the time. Imagine suddenly doing something that you’re not used to doing? There are so many notes to remember! I guess, better judge it yourself.

Let's all watch a show!


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