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A Birthday in 2020 (How I spent mine)

I started the day with a positive vibe. First thing I did was....SMILE :)

I am the type of person who would usually get "birthday blues".I don't know why, but maybe there's something wrong with me. So I was expecting it already. We're in 2020 after all. But, no, I didn't feel Blue at all. I planned my Birthday celebration for two weeks. It might look very simple in the pictures and videos but believe me, I made an effort.

First, I thought it would be fun to give everyone an invitation. Okay, before you say anything, when I said "everyone", I meant everyone in my bubble. We can have fun but careful.

Anyway, this was my invitation:

I downloaded this app called PAPERLESS POST a few months ago, thinking that a party would be possible this year. There's a lot of free templates that you can use and for my first time, I think it was pretty good.

As you can see, I've decided to go for an Afternoon Tea Party which I named, Ayn's Par-Tea (LOL, I know right? so witty)

Everyone liked it so that already made me happy. Yey for Positivity points!

And now with the actual preparation. I didn't have much time as I had an hour and a half Zoom class in the morning. Lucky enough, I had help. My boyfriend, Ross, helped me with setting up the room. I didn't buy much decoration as we have a small space.

I got these Gold tinsel curtains from Amazon for €8.99. I would say it's a little pricey but if you take good care of them, then you would get your money's worth. I think they're a good height as well.

The "28" Balloon sign, I got from the UK last year for Ross's Birthday.

For the table, I used a see-through curtain I got from the charity shop in the UK for £1.

I got my 3 Tier cake stand from Amazon for €11.99

It was a bit expensive for me, but very useful. You can't really tell that it's plastic.


  • Scones (which I made from scratch) recipe here:

  • Clotted cream (which me and my friend, Sian, made from scratch as well) I couldn't do the 12-hour oven cooked clotted cream so we improvised with some CREME FRAICHE and WHIPPING CREAM and then we put some Icing sugar.

  • Jam (obviously)

  • Macarons

  • 3 Types of Sandwiches : Egg and Mayo, Prosciutto with Cream cheese and Watercress, Salmon with Cream cheese and Watercress.

  • Red Velvet cake (by Sian)

  • Chocolate cake


If you want to see the the whole day, click on the video :)


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