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A Very "Sound of Music" Salzburg Trip

Last year, around October, we were visited by my tatay(dad) and Ate Grace here in Austria. We planned a whole week of driving and visiting the mountains!

So, we picked them up from the airport on a Saturday morning and then headed straight to the mountains. But before I write about what happened in the mountains, I want to tell you first about our trip to Salzburg, Austria.

So, SOUND OF MUSIC fans, anyone?

The biggest Baroque fountain in Austria
Residenzbrunnen, Residenzplatz, Salzburg, Austria

We didn't pay for any Sound of Music Tour. I Googled everything and dragged my group to the film sites. Yes, I tried to act out some of the scenes. No, I didn't have any shame. Haha!

Let's see how many places I ticked off of my list here:

You're probably wondering where the Gazebo is. Yeah, I realised that I forgot to put it on my list when I was there. Unacceptable! But it's another reason to go back, I guess.


First, the Mirabell Gardens. Check!

It was hard to do take our pictures here as there was a wedding taking place that day.

We waited for the gardeners to finish planting these new flowers.

Can't miss recreating this part of the "Do-Re-Mi". Hahaha! That's my dad and Ate Grace, portraying the Von Trapp children.

Never miss out a good photo op! Hahaha!

Next stop, only a 16 minute walk from the gardens, is the Residenzplatz.

The horses looked so beautiful but I didn't want to go near them because they smell. oops.

You know that part of the song "I Have Confidence" and Maria was at a fountain? Yep! It's this one! OMG!!!!! Catch my short travel vlog about it on my Youtube channel!

After this, was a 3-minute walk to the Domplatz. I don't have a picture with it but it's in my vlog.

There was also the Salzburg Cathedral where Maria and the Captain got married (I think..)

But this picture below is not it. HAHAHA!

This is inside the St. Peter's Archabbey which is just around the corner from the Domplatz.

Isn't it just fascinating?

The real reason why we came here was to see this:

This is the cemetery behind the church and was the inspiration for the cemetery scene when the Von Trapp family was hiding from the Nazis. In the movie, they made it look like it was part of the Abbey.

Apparently, they only filmed it in a studio in America.

Meanwhile, here's me going to the next stop. Can you guess?

It's the Nonnberg Abbey!

Famous abbey used in the Sound of Music
Nonnberg Abbey

I almost cried.

No. I cried.

But only after I took these pictures! And if you can tell, this last picture was inspired by the start of "I Have Confidence" where Maria steps out of the Abbey. LOL such a fangirl.

Okay! I only ticked 5 places off of my list. Obviously I got too excited with my pictures!

I wanted to go to the Schloss Leopoldskron since that was the Von Trapp family house. That's definitely a reason to go back.

By the way, if you want to see the whole trip, CLICK on the VIDEO:






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