A Visit to Cambridge: Ross Oliver Footwear

After being in quarantine for 10 days, we headed straight to Cambridge for Ross Oliver Footwear's first Pop-up shop. How exciting!

It felt so nice to be back and to eat Fish and Chips again! Plus, the rainy weather has followed me here (obviously, I'm the only one who is happy about that). So I guess we really are back in England!




JUNE 26TH & 27TH, 2021


We started planning our trip one week prior to leaving. Since we wanted to borrow the electric van from my "tatay" (dad), we had to carefully plan where we can charge. A lot of people have switched to electric cars now, however, not all service stations have charging points. Not only that, we also had to check which ones we can use. Tatay said we're compatible with "CHAdeMO". Don't ask me, I don't know the difference between that and the ones that say "Tesla".

Okay, now I'll share to you one thing that we didn't think of. We didn't know or check how many charging points were there at that service station. So, when we arrived, all of the chargers were taken. Can you imagine the panic Ross felt. I got a little bit anxious as well when more and more cars started to arrive. We also had to wait for us to plug the van so we could eat our breakfast. Good thing we actually left an hour early.


  1. Have a plan A, B and even C

  2. There's VERY EARLY but not TOO EARLY.

We charged the van for about 45 minutes and that made us to Cambridge for 30 more minutes.

Here's Ross unloading the van.

I was "errand girl" and photographer that weekend, by the way.

Finally, I did something else!

Just casually taking a selfie with the founder, Ross. ^_^

By the way, the purple masks were intentional because of the brand colour, and obviously his favourite colour. (Thanks to mom for providing these masks)

We worked in The Grafton for 2 days from 11 am 'til 4 pm. We're happy that people came and were very interested about the Loafers and boots. What's amazing was how people were surprised that these shoes were not made of real leather but with CACTUS leather. Yes, you read that right. I didn't even know that was possible in the first place. I am now educated, but still learning.

*I might've did something else with the brightness of the photos so the colours might not be accurate. OOPS.

We're doing another pop-up shop this July 15th and 16th in London Oxford Street! More details on See you there!!


All in all this weekend trip was a success! We enjoyed our overnight stay in Cambridge even though we didn't get the chance to actually roam around. But here are some of our weekend favourites:

The unexpected dinner at the Three Horseshoes

We were supposed to eat at this place called The Provenance. The problem was I forgot to make a reservation. So, we tried our luck somewhere else where we also got rejected. I told them maybe we should just head back to the city centre because we're not going to find any pub that's open (we stayed at the Holiday Inn in Duxford) but my dad insisted on going to the Three Horseshoes. We arrived and luckily had a table.

The Monkfish was delicious!

Another unexpected dinner at Tokoko

Another one was this small and cosy Japanese restaurant, Tokoko. It was a walking distance to The Grafton. We passed by it after parking the van (to recharge again). There were two things that I loved. First was this cardboard straw and second, the fake chicken that looked and tasted better than the real chicken. I'll definitely go back to this one.


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