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First Cafe Date After LOCKDOWN

May 19, 2021. Lockdown no more.

Photo courtesy of Winchester Lopez

We waited and prepared for this day so much! We had to do the COVID tests to be able to enjoy a coffee in a cafe again. I mean, who doesn't love going to a cafe and probably read a book or just simply eat and talk to your friends? Well, probably a lot of people, haha! But for me, a rainy day and a cup of coffee/tea is definitely a MUST, at least every week. Too much?

Me and my friends had our second Tick vaccine that day(because apparently, there are a lot of ticks in Austria and nearly every other tick is infected with pathogens). Growing up in the Philippines, I've never heard anyone worry about Ticks before. I didn't even know all the diseases they can carry!

Anyway, moving on...

After our vaccine, we went straight to a cafe. The one we originally wanted to go to was only an 11-minute walk from...the place where we had our vaccines (HAHA). Although, I wasn't too prepared for the rain. I thought there was only a 40% chance of raining. I had my umbrella but my trousers got really wet! Nevertheless, I LOVE RAIN!

Well, my beret definitely got soaked for the first time.

Any other Pluviophiles* out there? :)

We first went to this place called Brass Monkey. Sian said the cupcakes looked amazing! I got excited even though I don't eat any sweets at the moment haha!(Bad skin problems). Unfortunately they didn't serve any savoury foods that day since it has been about 6 months since they last opened and it would take a long time... I DON'T KNOW! I didn't listen. So, we went to the cafe next door. Luckily, they serve breakfast meals!

Besides the fact that we could order food again, we were ecstatic to try and order in German. I mean the waiter laughed but he understood. They can speak English though. :)


Gumpendorferstrasse 71, Top 1,1060 Wien

I feel like finding this place is just so meant to be because the place gave that vintage vibe that I like. I'm definitely adding this to my favourite places in Vienna.

Wow! We drank coffee like it was the first time to drink good coffee, we ate our food like it was the first time we saw a Prociutto in a Bagel with Avocado. Quite funny, actually. At that moment,we really appreciated life.

Photo courtesy of Winchester Lopez

DON'T WORRY! We live in the same apartment.

or, kind of. We're always together haha!


And we took some more pictures outside. Of course.

After our date, we went to this place called SEWA and I got more yarn for crocheting.

Nice day, right? I hope you, the reader, is having one too!

Until the next cafe!



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