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Life Changing Vegan Balls!

Okay, I don't have much of a sweet tooth but from time to time (once a month), I would crave for something sweet, nonstop. But I recently discovered how bad Sugar really is to my body! Let's just say that I would keep eating something (the unhealthy stuff) just because I don't get fat that easily. I was so blessed with a fast metabolism. What I was not blessed with was GOOD SKIN. For years, I've ignored everyone when they said that the Hot chocolate was probably one of the reasons for my acne. I've always thought it's just hormones. Well, guess what? Sugar, along with Dairy are probably the ones messing up your hormones. I'm not going to say much about that because you should probably do your own research.

That's when I started to really look into what I eat everyday. But isn't it just so sad when you can't eat that piece of dessert because all desserts have sugar??


NOT ALL!!! I'm so happy to have discovered about these Vegan Balls.

Wait, these aren't shaped into balls! I didn't do this. LOL


Okay, I know I've put Maple syrup there, but that's just for you if you really need something to make it sweet. I'm okay with just the taste of the Dates and the Coconut. Believe me, that's very addictive already!

In the beginning, I thought that honey or maple syrup is better than your normal granulated sugar. If you're not suffering from acne, then maybe that is better. But, ACNE-PRONE people, avoid it if you can! (Just in my opinion)

Happy moulding!

Let me know if you've tried it and if you have a better recipe :)

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