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Plantita series: Calathea

Plant + Tita(aunt)= PlanTita

I started buying indoor plants since the start of the lockdown in the UK and now I have 6 types:

  1. Calathea

  2. Chamaedorea Elegans

  3. Bromeliad

  4. Poinsettia

  5. Fasciated Haworthia

  6. Ruffle Jade

I never thought I would be into taking care of plants. I used to think that it's just a lot of work trying not to kill them. To be honest, I don't really have a green thumb but I'm starting to grow one. I see my plants as a source of happiness.

Yes I am trying to convince you to get plants.

These were my first two babies

I named the right one "Cathy" and a few weeks ago, I propagated/repotted my first plant.

Now, I've seen videos on Youtube so I knew what I would be dealing with. THE ROOTS. The roots were so thin and they were just tangled together. I didn't want to break any "mother" roots so I was very careful.

Before that, my first problem was actually finding the right SOIL. The good thing with shops nowadays is that they sell Potting mix. I didn't know anything about potting mixes.

Peat moss



"What are these??" was my first thought. Honestly, I thought I would need to read an entire book about it. (Maybe it's a good idea)

So my advice is, look it up online(if you think you really need to repot right away). Find which type of soil your plant needs. Maybe fertilizer as well. I haven't actually put some on mine but we'll see how it goes.

Advice and comments are welcome :)

Click the video if you want to see the process.


Watch the video below :)


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