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Skincare: Visit to Therapie Clinic, Marylebone

It's very hard for me to trust any skin clinic at the moment because of all the trouble I've been through with my acne battle. I've been to a lot of dermatologists in the Philippines before and they worked for me. Now, the real battle began in 2016 when I moved back to the UK. I've started to have breakouts I've never had before. I went to the GP(general practitioner) but she just gave me antibiotics. No one in my family knows how to actually deal with acne. A lot of them were blessed with a better skin. So no one told me that antibiotics aren't actually good for you. My hormonal imbalance mixed up with everyday make-up(when I started Miss Saigon) really damaged my skin. That's when I decided to go to a real expensive dermatologist in London. They gave me Isotretinoin prescriptions and then after a few months, my acne was nowhere to be seen. All I had was the scars. Anyway, I want to talk about my acne battle on another post.

The reason why I decided to go and try(very cautiously) this skin clinic was because I've been having breakouts recently. I couldn't understand it. I was eating healthier foods. I figured out that maybe my pores are just too large at the moment and they needed to be cleaned.

After a free consultation in one of their clinics, I've decided to do two procedures before I go back to Austria. Obviously I can only do two for I don't have a lot of time. They said I can do my next procedure after maybe 2-3 weeks.

I decided to go fo the Hydrafacial. In the Philippines, I was used to "pimple extraction" where they use these tools to basically pop your pimples in a clean and non-damaging way. I'm sure it's still not the best treatment for skin but it's better than me popping them myself in front of a mirror. THAT'S AN ABSOLUTE NO-NO! I learned it the hard way.

Hydrafacial is basically a cleaning process where they also extract the impurities. The only difference to the one I'm used to getting was this uses vacuum. You might've seen a lot of people on Youtube trying it in their themselves. But I've read somewhere that it's not totally safe to do it yourself. You can really end up damaging your skin.

Also, Hydrafacial helps remove dead skin cells and sebum.

It was a rainy day so I was quite happy that it's not a warm day. I hate it when the weather is so humid and I have to deal with it right after my pores have been opened and cleaned!

I was also still a bit worried about my safety(COVID problems), that's why I wore my copper mask going there and my Ninja Ion air purifier.



I paid £120 when I went to the clinic to schedule an appointment. On the website it's priced at £150. I got a bit confused afterwards so I think I need to check on that.


I was very happy that they explain everything before they proceed.

  1. First, she cleaned my face(obviously). Then she used this suction that looks like a glass. It's mainly for detox and lymphatic drainage. It improves blood circulation on the face. All I can say is that it was so relaxing!!

2. Exfoliation. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of that but they do it to prepare the skin for maximum absorption of the products they will apply later on.

3. They use water pressure to introduce the acid peel(didn't hurt) to the skin.

4. Extraction. This is where they really get the impurities. My pores were already softened through the first steps. They use Glycolic and Salicylic Acid Peel It also moisturises the skin.

5. They use another tube/vacuum to infuse

antioxidants, peptides and other minerals to for some skin glow. She told me I was glowing already but to be honest, I couldn't tell. Haha! oops. My skin did feel very hydrated though!

6. Rejuvination. This last bit got me a bit anxious because I've never done any skin procedure with LED lights. I was very skeptical as I don't really know how that would help. She told me she usually uses this hand-held LED light but it's harder to cover all the areas with that. So, she opted for this one:

Looking cool with my shades, huh?

aaaaaaand IRON MAN!

This one took about 5 minutes. My practitioner explained to me that this helps calm the skin(after all of the process), and it also promotes Collagen(which we all want!!). Obviously, do your own research. I would still need to do more as well.

And here it is! the final product. Haha! I looked the same, but I felt different. Naks!

Afterwards, she asked if I wanted a tinted moisturiser or just a normal one. She also offered to give me a new face mask. What a lovely experience!

Thanks Elena!

I would surely try Hydrafacial again!


I would give this experience 5 stars. :)

Check out their website if you're interested.


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