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The Austrian Alps: Schladming-Dachstein Adventure

In my last entry, I shared about our trip to Salzburg, Austria. But, actually, before going to Salzburg, we first went to the mountains. Also, my boyfriend and I had been to the Alps a few months before the Schladming trip. We went to a town called Dorfgastein, which I still considered the best.

So we wanted to visit a different town this time. There was too much pressure finding the best hotel for us because more and more hotels were not accepting guests. By the way, this was by the end of October. We were also looking for a place where we can cook our own food. I looked up some cabins in the Alps. Unfortunately, they're very expensive for our liking. Although, that's definitely on my bucket list!

So, after days of looking, I finally booked us a place. We stayed at the ALPINE CLUB by DIAMOND RESORTS in Schladming.

*no copyright infringement is intended

Moving on...

I just want to say that the drive going to the hotel was amazing. The view of the Alps never seem to disappoint. It took us about 4 hours to get there from the airport, where we picked up my dad and Ate Grace. We first made a stop to buy some food at a BILLA (Supermarket). Haha, I remember trying to ask where the Garlic breads are with the knowledge of "Knoblauch" is Garlic in German and "Brot" is bread. Yeah, I said, "uuuh Knoblauch brot..?" Luckily, she understood me. I think they call it Knoblauch Baguette... Maybe.

The hotel was a 5 minute drive from the shops which we could see from our balcony. Originally, I failed to book a "town" view, but there weren't much guests in the hotel so the receptionist gave us a better room.

As you can see from this picture below.

Morning coffee

The only thing I didn't like was that the hotel didn't inform me about the unavailability of the Spa facilities. Obviously, it was because of Covid. I was disappointed as the booking specifically said, "with spa". The last hotel me and my boyfriend visited had open facilities so I was looking forward to this one. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our time there just looking at the view.

We stayed for two nights which cost us £171.

Now, we didn't come here to just look at the mountains from afar. The goal was to ride the cable car to the mountains and see some Schnee(Snow)!

TRAVEL: Schladming to Dachstein

It was a 17-min. drive to Dachstein and it was both scary and wonderful. We saw the transition of green grass to just white (everywhere). I wanted to stop to take a picture but obviously the road was dangerously steep! But, as soon as we got halfway to the peak, parked the car, I took my camera and... well, you know what happened next.


We were fortunate enough to experience a beautiful and bright weather.

Ross enjoying the cold bench

I mean, how thick was that snow? And we weren't even at the peak.

Were they telling me to grab the mail? I didn't!

I thought we would drive all the way up (stupid). I was surprised when we had to take the cable car for 10 more minutes. Anyway, after all the photos, we got our tickets which were €41.50 each. That's ascent and descent. Pretty pricey but it was a once in a lifetime experience.

This was the map that they gave us:

Hahaha! Tatay(dad) is scared of heights.

Our view from inside the cable car

We reached the Sky Palace (2700m above sea level), took more pictures and then decided to have our lunch there. We were lucky that the restaurant was open, considering this was in 2020. I actually thought that there wouldn't be a lot of tourists. Maybe they were locals who just wanted to ski. Oh yeah, one more thing, almost everyone who went up were in their Ski gear.

Posing in front of other people's equipment

I don't know how and I will never try it. HAHA!I'm just here to enjoy the sight of the snow.

After lunch, which was..okay, we went to explore more. I know I said the skies were clear earlier, turned out, it wasn't from up there. It was so cloudy that we almost couldn't see other people. Nothing stopped us though.

We walked on the Dachstein Suspension Bridge, which appeared more frightening since we couldn't see anything. Oh and did I mention about the "blizzard-like" winds?

But, here I was, posing for a picture just because this is Austria's highest suspension bridge. The cold was actually more overwhelming.

I'm sure it looks magnificent during the Summer.

At the end of this bridge, on the other side, there's the "Stairway to Nothingness". . .wait, why do they make the name sound so scary?

It was 400 metres above the Dachstein massif!

Ross didn't really want to be my model. He's giving me this uncomfortable stare. Yikes.




Then, just a couple of steps opposite of the stairway, was the entrance to the "Ice Palace".

I thought, "there's no reason to be so ecstatic about this place since we're already surrounded by ice" LOL.

Wait a minute, I was ELSA for a moment there!

It was okay because...the cold never bothered me anyway.


For additional entertainment, check out this short video of our trip:

I hope you enjoyed reading, or looking at the photos, and maybe convinced you a little bit to visit this place. Sadly, it's closed at the moment, together with all hotels and other attractions in Austria. But, who knows? Maybe it will be open this summer.



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