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The Unmotivated Lemon

just an impromptu shoot I did with my boyfriend.
Waiting and Thinking

I don't know what to say. No, I have lots to say, I just don't know where to begin. I'm usually very organised with my ideas. I thought because of all this time being indoors would help me really plan my life in a relaxed manner. It was like that in the very beginning and I was ecstatic about that. But right now I just feel like I need some fresh air and fresh new surroundings to feel inspired. I can go outside, it's not like we're not allowed to do that here in Austria. It's just very cold right at the moment. I can only make it to the grocery store which is literally 7 steps away from our building. I'm LAZY! I'm being a lemon and a COUCH POTATO! I don't like it but I'm just going with the flow right now.

I've started from propagating my Prayer plants (Calathea) to now growing an Avocado plant. It's okay. I like it. I don't think I'm going crazy but I do check on my plants almost all the time. I'm thinking of planting some Lemon seeds too. So I would have Lemon buddies. WEIRD.

I've been talking to my friends on Facetime. It's actually very good for my mental health. I'm not the sociable type before but I do like a catch up every now and then. Zoom is better, I believe.

Another thing that works for me is putting up a schedule for that day. This would be an example of my day:

My brain is so funny. One day I would wake up and feel so motivated and then halfway during the day, the complete opposite! Also, my body is not experiencing a lot of exercise but I feel tired! I would say it's because of all the thinking. Oh gosh, I don't want to waste my life OVERTHINKING! Let's all stop doing that. The thing is, we see this world as a place of judgment. It's always about trying to portray a better version of ourselves so we can show the whole world how much better we are than others. And that's difficult when we feel uncreative.

It's not just because of 2020. We all know that we feel unmotivated almost half of every year (or is it just me?)

If you are, then you probably Googled "What to do when I feel unmotivated?"

Let me help you a little bit. I love making lists so I made this for me (and for you if you'd like):


Actually, I've been so busy since Covid-19 started. I started all of these projects that would make me look like I'm so productive. They work for a while but honestly, you'll find that taking the time to create PEACE is better for you. Taking care of our mental health is more important than trying to compete with life. :)

Happy 2021!

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1 Comment

anna argosino
anna argosino
Feb 09, 2021

I can share your thoughts on keeping sane during these times but always keep the faith 🥰

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