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"Special callout to Aynrand Ferrer who is spectacular as Kei Kimura"



"Ferrer’s rich, tensile voice is the standout"
Evening Standard

Another undoubted standout is Aynrand Fererr as Kei Kimura, in a blissful performance full of heart and vulnerability. Aynrand was a revelation to watch, effortlessly managing to pierce my very soul with her remarkable vocals on ‘Higher’. The glue that could hold her fighting family together, Aynrand was similarly an integral piece to this story and one that was played to its full potential, thanks to her note-perfect performance.
All That Dazzles

Ferrer’s voice is an astonishing instrument, serene, sweet and powerful, and uncannily reminiscent of Lea Salonga, who originated this role on Broadway. The challenging ballad “Higher” that climaxes the first half is a real corker, and Ferrer’s rendition of it is stupendous. 

Aynrand Ferrer is breath taking as Kei, delivering more than one showstopping solo numbers.

Aynrand Ferrer, possessor of one of the sweetest voices, if not first names, in the West End right now

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