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Diddly Squat and More: A Drive to the SouthWest

Diddly Squat farm located in Chipping Norton

It all started with Jeremy Clarkson’s farm show on Amazon. Usually, I wouldn’t watch a show like this. It’s not like I’m not really interested, I’m would just rather watch movies instead. But Ross, my boyfriend, loves watching Top Gear and so when this show came out, he started watching it. We were in Austria when it started so we couldn’t visit then. But, now we’re on holiday here in the UK and I've definitely put it in my ”To-do” list.

About 30 minutes or so to the farm, we made a stop in a little village in Oxford(because I needed to pee). I would always just go to a small café and order a drink first. It’s my excuse to buy something. Haha!

A nice find.

Anyway, I got this Raspberry smoothie! Definitely needed that on this scorching weather.

We didn’t plan our trip well, though. We should've left early because the drive to there from our house is about 3.5 hours. I'll tell you what, that doesn't seem like a long drive for me anymore. Not after driving from London to Vienna.

Nevertheless, the drive there was fantastic!

Anyway, we got there by 12:14 and guess what? The queue was 3 lines long! We should've planned to arrive a few hours earlier. The waiting time was 3 hours just to get in the shop! It was ridiculous. But then again, we are talking about a famous tv show. It was just so surprising that it was that busy.

There was even a queue to get a picture with the "Diddly Squat Farm" sign.

Ross said he would never queue for even an hour, under the blazing sun. Honestly, I was willing to do it. It was part of the experience, I guess?

We took really nice pictures though. Ross wanted to get back to the car but I said I had to get pictures for my blog at least! So we did. :)

A separate queue for the merchandise stall outside the shop

A small cafe at the back to buy some ice cream and cold beer!

Just enjoying the view

There's just a queue for everything! Madness!

This Jeep Wrangler was Jeremy Clarkson's. He used it in the Columbia special in The Grand Tour, and it's there inside the small cafe.

There's more to take pictures of but unfortunately, we didn't get to go inside the shop. I couldn't even take a photo of the entrance. I didn't want to risk squeezing into the crowd.

We got what we really came for though! Ross was very happy with his new tote bag. :)

Diddly Squat Tote Bag and Ross Oliver Loafers

After the farm, we had to go to Cheltenham because Ross needed to pick something up. I'm a bit disappointed at myself that I forgot to take photos of the town. It was lovely. It looked quiet and classy. Luckily, it was lunch time and we parked directly in front of a park and this restaurant on the other side.

No. 131

It was a nice restaurant. I had a mocktail and a Sunday Roast. It was pretty pricey for the quality of the food. Especially when they didn't have a Vegetarian option(Ross's) for the Roast. They just removed the meat and added some more vegetables. I guess they're not prepared for Vegetarians there yet. Nevertheless, the experience was lovely. What's surprising was I think they serve more Asian food. Interesting.

After spending an hour or so in Cheltenham, we went straight to Bristol to visit Ross's family, wher eI met this little guy!

with Bobby

It wasn't the easiest to snap a photo with this one. He stayed by my side though.

Lovely day filled with lots of fresh air from the countryside, learning new places and meeting a new friend.


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