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Down time Activities

From time to time I would feel the need to be lazy and work on my mental health.

I've always been the type of person who needs to keep doing something productive. I don't like wasting my time on looking at random videos on Instagram. I'm just a naturally busy person which is very hard to believe if you've known me since I was still very young. My main dilemma before was "WALA AKONG MAGAWA" (I'm bored).

Well, I guess I solved that problem.

I like being introduced to new hobbies. The only annoying thing is that I get bored very easily and I never finish a project. A trait that I will change this 2021!

Okay, so I thought it would be nice to share to you what I've been up to. It might give you some ideas as well. (We don't know what will happen this year)

First, let me tell you the things I've tried in 2020.

  1. Crochet - I started 4 projects but NEVER finished any.

  2. Cross Stitch- I've been doing this project for 3 years now. Hopefully, 2021 is the year!

  3. Calligraphy- when I was in Miss Saigon, I bought the Beginner's kit and was actually doing well. My hands started to hurt but I didn't really mind. Now I have 2 WORKBOOKS (I haven't touched them) and I'm planning on buying a nice Feather Quill.

  4. British Sign Language- I don't know but I was determined to finish the book. Well, guess what?I didn't. I am postponing my studies until 2022.

  5. Ukulele- okay, this one is actually doing pretty well! I'm making a slow progress and I've done 3 covers now. I could be better if I practice at least thrice a week.


But I'm focusing on these right now:


I've recently learned how to knit. Obviously I'm still on the "pearl and stitch" stage. That's all I know for now. And I'm trying to finish this scarf/bed runner before Summer starts. HAHA!



Yes, this is the reason why I'm taking a break from my BSL studies. I'm giving myself a year to learn conversational German. Why? Just because. I have one good tip: DUOLINGO

It's that app with the Green owl (I think that's an Owl)

It has helped me so much. I mean I only do like 30 mins a day. Wait, that's not very good.

I promise I'll be better in 2021!

I would include, RECORDING, VLOGGING, and BLOGGING here but I feel like I want to put these in my "WORK" folder. I love doing them but it's all hard to do.

Posting progress in the future and hopefully inspire people someday!



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