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My 2021 Planner and Journal

Many people know how excited I get whenever it's time to buy a new planner. It's like a "New planner, new me!" kind of thing.

I wasn't planning on getting a journal this year since I have a blog now and I feel like I won't really have the time to write all of my drama in a notebook. That's just a waste of paper. But my mom got me this Positivity Journal which is so good for me right now. I wouldn't feel the need to write so much, I would just be blunt with my feelings. (wow haha!)


I like that it has random positive affirmations after a few pages. I guess you can colour it if you want.


This is the daily page. It's nice to just fill out the blanks. I am now on the 8th day and so far it's been helpful. I really monitor my water intake as well.

Here it has the MOOD TRACKER. It's a good way to use my coloured pens.



Now I'm going to show you my very simple planner.

I got this one from Amazon UK.



Monthly view

I usually put birthdays and bills here. Actually, there's a separate page for your monthly bills. I really like that feature because it helps me track my expenses every month, especially now that I'm really trying to save up. My problem is because I don't remember all of my direct debits! Don't be like me!

Weekly view

Basically it's the same as any other normal sized planner. I figured having a small planner is more suited as I don't imagine I'm going to have lots of happenings this year. But, fingers crossed, right?

Back sleeve

And of course,I would need a sleeve for all those extra papers (but very important and don't-know-how-to-get-rid-of) that I have. Most of it are stickers from past planners.

Oh, I usually pick a planner that has free stickers inside. Luckily, I still have loads of them from in my sticker pouch, which I will show you on a different blog.

P.S. This planner has other sections like "Notes and Lists" pages, "Christmas plans" page, and my "2022 Goals".



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