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Simple is Best <3

Valentine's- a day for people who are either in love or bitter. Kidding. Although, I've been on both sides. But only because I love being dramatic. Honestly, I was never truly bitter about Valentine's day. After all, it was never just about having a Special Someone in your life. I believe it's a day to remind us all to give and accept love. It's so simple. Sometimes, it's not even about the gifts. (Don't react!! Because I like accepting the gift of FOOD).

I consider myself fortunate because I met my boyfriend before the pandemic started and he came with me to Austria (hehe kilig* moment). Obviously, being far away from home during this time can be a bit depressing at times, that's why I'm glad he came with me.

Days prior to Feb. 14, I asked him if it's okay to just cook(like we always do), and watch an old film. I knew that he was going to say yes so I planned and looked for a film.

Okay, maybe this is not too "classic".

I've learned that one of the most important things in a relationship is that you understand each other or at least try to. And we both LOVE classic films.


Now, the #FOOD! There's nothing too special really. We always prepare our dinner like we're on a date. (romantic? mmm. or we're just big #foodies on a budget).

Here's our menu:

By the way, I'm not the chef in this relationship that's why our foods are always nice. he he he.

The main

The dessert


We finished the day thinking of those hotdogs and burgers. We're lucky.

It's not about the flowers and the gifts, it's about being grateful for the presence of love in our lives. :)

Oh, and by the way, how cute is this pancake??

He cooked this for breakfast. Clearly he wants me to go on a diet. (Kilig? hahaha!)


*KILIG - a Filipino term for a butterfly-in-my-tummy romantic feeling. But it's cuter, in my opinion.


I made some of my posters with Canva -

Thanks for reading!


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